Registration is Closed

Registration is closed for participants the Spring 2017 IT Pro Forum

University of Illinois Attendees Registration

If you registered and do not attend, your department will be charged a $30 conference fee. You may send a substitute in your place at no charge. Please send updated contact and registrant information to and CC the proxy. Your proxy must confirm their intent to attend in your place via email. Proxy will assume lunch and session choices.

External Attendees Registration

Attendees from outside the University of Illinois are welcome. There is a registration fee of $100 for attendees not affiliated with the University of Illinois. The current attendance policy text $30 fee only applies to University of Illinois attendees as external attendees will be charged the registration fee if they don’t cancel.

Attendance Policy

More information is available in our Attendance Policy.

Vendor Partner Registration

Vendor Partner Registration is open.

Vendor Registration