About Us

The IT Professionals Forum (ITPF) is a conference that brings IT professionals together for hands-on workshops, posters, and keynote presentations on best practices and lessons learned with IT strategic planning, IT governance, educational technologies, enterprise systems, infrastructure management, customer service initiatives and cross-team collaboration.

Further, ITPF is a platform for IT professionals to share updates about innovative and far-reaching projects, facilitate dialogue, and catalyze networking among IT professionals.

IT Pro Forum Planning Committee

  • Lori Beeson, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Malinda Carlisle, Beckman Institute
  • Gina Duello, College of Engineering
  • Melvin Fenner, Auxiliary Shared Tech Services
  • Debbie Fligor, Technology Services
  • Maranda Harden, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Rick Hazlewood, Technology Services
  • Joyce Humes, Facilities and Services
  • Drew Kenton, Chair, Facilities and Services
  • Maged Messeh, Vice-Chair, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Todd Nelson, Administrative Information Technology Services
  • Frank Penrose, College of Engineering
  • James Quisenberry, IT Shared Services
  • Candice Solomon-Strutz, Administrative Information Technology Services
  • Dena Strong, Technology Services
  • Bradley Woodruff, The Career Center

IT Pro Forum Planning Committee Contact: itpf-committee@illinois.edu