Extreme IT Tracks

Spring IT Professionals Forum Tracks

In the Zone

Sometimes, everything just clicks into place and you know you’re in the zone – riding a perfect wave, landing a 360 flip off a half pipe, hitting a home run… catching lightning in a bottle.

Tell us about your times in the zone, and how you made it there.

  • Success stories
  • Methodologies
  • Inspirations
  • Patterns to follow

Out of your Comfort Zone

Other times, you’re standing in a perfectly good airplane and planning to throw yourself out of it, with nothing between you and the ground but a few dozen square feet of parachute silk. How do you do it? How do you keep doing it over and over?

What would you say to someone else who’s getting ready to make that leap?

  • Cutting edge
  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Agility and responsiveness

Deep Dive

It takes time to truly explore the depths of a topic and come back with pearls – time and space that we’ll work with you to find.

Deep Dive items will likely be scheduled on Wednesday before the IT Pro Forum to allow large time blocks for focus, exploration, and travel.

  • Multi-hour training
  • Certification programs
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Site tours


In order to put the information in information technology, we have to have data to work with. Where is the data coming from? Where does it go? Who dips their fingertips in the pool along the way?

How do we stay on top of the ever-rising tide?

  • Data and content creation and visualization
  • Information management and organization
  • Data sources, transformations, repositories, and collections
  • Balancing security, legality, policy, and access

The Ten Thousand Foot View

Sometimes you have to climb a mountain alone to get this kind of perspective. Other times you find it when you’re looking around at a team who’s taking on Everest with you. Sometimes you’re the sage who lives on the mountaintop, already familiar with its landscape, sharing your wisdom with new climbers. Sometimes you make plans and strategies and safety lines. Sometimes you climb unchallenged cliffs to see what no one else has seen before.

How did you get to the ten thousand foot view, and what do you see while you’re there?

  • Vision from the mountaintop
  • Solo climbs and teamwork
  • Courage, wisdom, and belaying lines
  • The biggest of big pictures